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Luna Deco Door Paper is a decoration easily attached to your door. It is adhesive, so it is easily affixed with the rear vinyl cover removed. It is a fine way to produce a characteristics door of your own. It is fully covered with a special coating, making it exceptionally stain resistant, scratch resistant and gloss-resistant. The few stains that do occur can easily be removed with a wet towel.

Change you whole interior design with just a simple addition to your door!

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We also produce customised designs with your picture and favourite words! →(Click to enlarge)

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Luna Deco Door Paper is an eco-friendly product, produced using an eco-friendly system. We use world quality fabric, eco-friendly ink and a Rapid Solidification Processing (RSP) method allowing for perfect contact between fabric and coat.

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Luna Deco Door Paper is ideal for definite interior effects at low cost; great if you get bored with same standard type of door, find door replacement too costly, or if you just want a change.