Our History

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LUNA Deco, which started as a Perth based architectural materials design company in 2007, produces unique and individual wall, blind and door designs that have been taken up in various architectural sites at home and abroad. Since starting we have become one of Perth’s premier Interior design companies, producing sensuous, creative and emotional designs and using environment-friendly materials to realize pleasant environments.

Distinctive Designs

The company, in cooperation with artistic photographers and designers, creates interior-facing products, and retains exclusive ownership of its chic and distinctive designs. LUNA Deco, a design studio with young, vibrant and sensuous designers, goes to great lengths to come up with innovative designs that offer a new design trend and produce art that best suits the interior.

Striving for the Best Quality

We aspire to be a company leading a new paradigm of interior architecture through continuing innovative design development. LUNA Deco pursues the best quality for its products, not ready-made but custom-made (via a 100% manual process) mural wallpaper and roll screens.

Wide Range of Selections

LUNA Deco offers new concepts of interior models based on emotional designs. We continue to develop such interior design material products as mural wallpaper, roll screens, canvas art, designer clocks and frame art. LUNA DECO wallpapers are made of high-quality materials and all the designs can be ordered in roll screens. You can have an individual consultation by a professional wallpaper coordinator.

If you have any questions regarding to our products, please do not hesitate to email us at info@lunadeco.com.au.